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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What happens if I have to go outside of the event and want to come back in?

Sorry, no re-entry permitted.

2. Does the ticket price include food? Ticket price includes main and cultural stage entertainment along with cooking exhibitions and corporate giveaways. Food and Beverages are additional. There will be a ticket booth to purchase tickets to buy foods and drinks. Bring enough to support our arts and crafts village.

3. Are there any safety considerations in place (EMT)? A full Emergency Medical station will be located on the venue along with paramedics.

4. Is Jerk the only food being offered? Whereas Jerk food is the theme of our festival, we have several food booths that will sell a variety of food choices.

5. Can I bring in my own food and drinks? No food or liquids will be allowed into the venue. There will be several food and beverage tents and trucks to purchase delicious food and drinks.

6. Will alcohol be served? Alcohol will be served.

7. Will there be cash machines on site? ATMs will be provided at the entrance and throughout the venue.

8. What time should I get there? The earlier the better, gates will open at 2:00 pm

9. Is there any seating provided? No seating will be provided. Can I bring my lawn chair? We encourage you to bring a lawn chair and/or blanket to make yourself feel comfortable. No tents will be allowed to block line of sight.

10. Are tickets or Vendor costs/fee refundable? Tickets or Booth costs/fee are non-refundable. No Exchanges or refunds offered unless the event is cancelled!

11. Will there be available parking? Yes, There will be limited parking for the general parking across the street from the park. We encourage ride shares for those that will be in attendance.

12. Will pets be allowed? No, pets will not be allowed.

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